The Lonesome

The lonesome.

The tear you feel inside that makes you want to fall to your knee's and try to weep out all of the pain.

The choke of heartache and burning sensation that makes you'd prefer the greeting of death then have to carry on another day.

The tormenting thoughts that manage to re-run in your mind no matter what images lay before your eyes.

The lonesome-ness that despite the pain and tearing and ripening burn that grows with every minute of every day puts a smile on your face and glimmer in your eye.

That illogical feeling that constantly shows the face of that damned person you can't imagine being without.

The lonesome-ness is a disease that makes you stunted in the mind and cold in the heart. 

It builds pillars of sorrow and desperation; monuments of love and dedication.

It creeps around your words and seeps into the subconscious, waiting to be unleashed in dreams meant to help escape.

But without it a love that words could never realize is discovered and releases an ecstasy that overcomes the pain and heartache and darkness that clouds the endless days. 

The lonesome-ness is hard and strong. 
It makes or breaks you
And is the test of true faith.