Save a Horse, Ride a Male Model

I will love your through skin, fat, and muscle.
Until our tendons are tied
And our tears are cried.
Until our hearts are broken
And our rawness is forlorn-ed.

I will love you until we are nothing but souls
Until our bones are only our mortal consoles.
I will love you beyond time and place,
Beyond the space that confides the limits of your face.
Beyond the word's you can't find
And the smiles that don't shine.

I will love you until I can forget 
that our minds hold a bond that can't be defined.
Until the future is the present
And the haze has blurred my frame of time
For the love that I have,
For the one I call mine.

Antidote Magazine
Photographer: Giampolo Sgura
Models: Sigrid Agren and Parker Gregory

Note: As pointed out by a reader, this is an editorial inspired by the Versace ad's by Richard Avedon as seen below.