A House in the Sand

I am hit with a crashing wave & it has carried my words away along with the disposables of the sea.
My throat is filled with knots as the sting of the salt burns the brown of my eyes.
I cough & seek for air
The salt is leaving scarred trails of evidence on my cheeks.
Evidence that I have become attached to this house built in the sand.
The waves keep crashing & the tide is pulling further away.
I reach for your hand in this hurricane & pray you can feel me.
Your face is lost in the wind & rain.
& I'm losing your touch.
I wheeze until a ball of wit & shit comes flying out 
 & inside is a pebble with an inscription:
Your not trapped, just trust and jump.
I reach for your hand & hope you can sense me
So we can escape these colliding walls.

As I embrace the edge with my eyes blinded by the burn
& whip-lashed to my knee's 
I grip your hand until my knuckles turn white.
I look at the pebble one more time,
To rid all doubt from my mind
& I jump in hope to find
My rock and my mind
At the bottom of the sea with my love at my side.