Long Car Rides

My eyes are growing as the sun is burning and reaching it's hundreds of octupal hands out into this oceanic scene of pasture and sky.
Retinas are scortching with beauty and prospect.
All of the lights have been my castles in the air,
But I'm starting to think I only need one.
Daylight has been in my mind.
And I've began to ponder why.
My life's been existing in the night,
But the daylight has continued persisting.

As I ride in this car I watch my shirts reflection dance around me on backs of seats,
Hopping from my knee to my thigh.
These dancing lights are given life and vivacity by this glowing mystery I see in the sky.
Lights inspire me.
They drive me.

Years ago I laid in fields for days.
The Earth was my playground and the sun was my doorway to it.
I'd lay in the fields and stare at the shapes in the sky.
I'd stare at the sun until my eyes shut in sheer salvation.
I didn't know where I was going,
Nor did I care why.
I was here and I was able to lay in a field and be in the sky.
I didn't have a phone,
An email,
A profile.
I had myself and the sun and the limitless sky.
What happened to laying in fields?
To stopping for a moment to exist?
I miss those breathtaking bit's of time,
And I can see them slipping away.

When I stop now I begin forming a list of things to do.
Things I've collected over the years.
I look to the future and see things multiplying exponentially.
I miss the moments of laying in fields and exploring skys.
But as the years have grown, my soul has gained an appetite
And I crave things.

But long car rides will satisfy my time with the sky.