The Kind of Girl You'd Get a Pack of Cigarettes With

Rachel Lynch, aka Blonde Badass, is the founder of one of my newest favorite blogs Velvet Cigarettes. Her rock and roll driven attitude is exuberating and addicting, like heroine to your veins. Her poetry is hauntingly enchanting, and her photographs have energy like a bull at a rodeo: Hair flipping, skin tight leotards, sky-high Jeffrey Campbell Lita's, and a fur coat to match. Rachel Lynch is one of those girls you can't pin down, and would never want to. After modeling in California for the past few years she has just made her way to New York and is exploring the world of fashion, modeling, and everything in between. She has also published several books that she organized and modeled in herself (Hotel Milk). 

Recently I got the chance to ask Rachel a few questions:

Firstly let me say that I am an avid follower and huge fan of your blog Velvetcigarette. You made the statement in one of your posts,

“I want people to be able to have fun on my blog, mentally. I want them to see themselves in the pictures I take and come along for the ride on my pink motorcycle. Velvetcigarette is the world of a big mouthed blonde, changing everyday. You’ll never really get to know her, and that’s the fun part.” 

You seem to have so much attitude and energy in your blog, how would you best describe yourself?

I would best describe myself as a pistol at the races meets your favorite hip-hop album. I’m loud and fast like a shot gun. One of my favorite past times is running, physically and mentally. I feel like I can’t shut off my mind or stop my feet.

How did you get started in modeling? At what age?

I got started modeling at 16, when my family relocated to LA for a short while. It was there that I began dating a photographer.

I noticed that you started out as a brunette at the beginning of your career. What made you switch from sultry brunette to blonde bombshell?

Blonde is just more obnoxious. It’s in your face, overstated nonsense and I like to make people uncomfortable.


Since you moved to New York from California do you notice a difference in your West Coast self versus your East Coast self?

Yeah, I feel like an adult here. I dress up more, I’ve bought like five blazers in the past two weeks.

You seem to style and control a lot of the shoots that you do. Would you consider yourself to be more of an art director than model, or both?

I’m not your typical model. I’m not there for you to make your creative visions come true. Most people chose to photograph me as I am and I’m okay with that. I dress the way I feel (most of the times it’s a blonde badass) but other times I tone it down or dress it up. It’s however I wake up feeling that day, I don’t believe in hours of preparation. After modeling what do you hope to do with your career?I want to be a writer, a journalist. I like to tell people’s stories. I think it’s really important. Storytelling is a lost art.

Your blog emulates a sense of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. In many of your posts you make very insightful statements that seem estranged, sort of tortured emotionally. Would you agree?

I think we’re all victims of the world if we want to be. Sometimes I let my mind go there, I feel used. But you don’t have to feel that way; I’m beginning to learn that. You can use the world, ass-rape it and take it for all it’s worth so you come out on top with a gold metal.

To read more about Rachel Lynch and see her bomb ass photo's follow her blog here.