Complexities we can Never Understand

I don't understand.
The reasoning behind so many decisions. 
Maybe I'm dense, dumb, blind, or simply confused.
Maybe my heart is cold and my mind is closed.
But I still want to ask,

Why do you continue in the self destruction,
In the continuous stress?
Why do you put others through your own personal traumas?
Others that can't begin to contemplate 
The hours you've dedicated to the pain and perplexity.

We sit here on the outside and wait with bafflement.
We want to help but don't know where to begin.
As you sit there, lost in the sea of your mind and we wait here on the shore.

The best advice we have to offer is from the soul.
Advice with substance.
Substantial and psychologically growing experience. 

Our parents attempted the same thing.
For years: 
In one ear,
Out the other.
For years I heard but never listened,
Yet here I am sitting on the bank and shouting my advice.
My advice that comes from nothing but the extent of my life.
My life that consists of no educational feats,
No professional achievements,
No lifelong feats.
Just experience.
I offer my life advice for the world in hopes to make something a little easier for anyone out there.

People are confusing and I wish I could understand,
Their reasoning,
Their point A to point B,
Their visual map for the present and future.
I wish I could understand the rapids I see in the water as I sit here on the banks.
But I sit here on the banks because I'm to selfish to jump in and help pull you out.
I sit here on the banks of your life because I have my own rapids and waterfalls.
I have my own sideline team sitting on the shore of my turmoil,
Bellowing their advice as I ride down the water and hope to catch a word here and there as the water shoots in and out of my ears.
People are confusing and I feel like it's because of the water clogging up their eardrums.
They hear us but they can't comprehend.
A word here and there, but never fully grasped.

I come as an outsider looking in,
But also as an insider looking out.
As I listen to you I learn about me.
What I find frustrating about you, I find frustrating about me.
I find people ridiculous at times
And I wish I could understand,
But all in all I wish that the advice I share with you 
I could relay to myself.

People may be ridiculous 
But maybe I should listen first.