All My Eggs

And in an instant my life changed. 
There was hope.
Everything placed on it. 
They say not to place all your eggs in one basket.
There was no other choice. 
It all came collapsing on me immediately.
Decisions made in an instant.
Paths turned into mazes.
It feels like that moment when at the salon when your hair is getting washed and the water is hitting right at the line that defines your forehead and your hair line. 
It's hitting with such a pressure and your neck is tense the whole time despite how many times the hairdresser tells you to relax. 
All you can do is wait for the moment that the water decides to slip up and cross that line,  Spitting up on your face
Having your eyeliner for the day turn from a pristine and meticulous line into a black inked stream down your face.
Your mascara
That has transformed your eyelashes into lengthy beauties that people can't help but give a second glance.
Those beautiful eyelashes that you got up on the sink for,
 Just to get a little closer to the mirror and make sure there were no clumps 
The water's spit up turns your beautiful eyelashes into nothing but black rings around your solemn eyes. 
My neck is tense as I am waiting for the water to cross that fine line that defines my hair and my fore-head. 
That border line that will make the difference of a perfectly placed, made-up face
Raccoon eyes.
The moment is coming and my neck is tense. 
Closing my eyes and focusing on the water pressure.
Where is it going?
Will it decide to break out of it's planned path and spit up on me?
I've placed all my eggs in the hands of a stranger.
Will my face pay the repercussions of a mistake,
Or is this fate? 
I stay resilient.