All Grown Up

At 14 they asked me what I wanna be. 

I said "Baby 21, so I can be a dream."



There's something about your 20's that make you feel alive. The world is new, you've had your basic education, dealt with the hell of spending 18 years with the same people under one household that you probably didn't get along with for at least the last 4 years of your time there, and everything is just waiting for you. Regret's don't exist, and saying no is never an option.  However there is a whole other side to it that make's it some of the most memorable years. Your still in innocence and your experience is only a small amount of what you are sure to gain in life. Love and friendships feel new and unbreakable. Everything is almost as though it's in an ethereal overlap of life from teenage angst to post-college stress. There's a mystery about your 20's. Your sexuality is at a peak, a search for life's answer's is prominent, finding people who will actually understand you is a constant quest, a search for who YOU actually are (also prominent), all experience's are a first and a must, and after all of this your youth gives you the perks of being able to wake up the next day without a hang over.  

 I'm sure this is a redundant reminder to many of you, but hey, I saved my rant for the end, didn't I?