Daphne Guinness

Ever wonder who the heir to the empire of Guinness beer? Well if you don't know already, you'll be surprised to hear that she is in fact one of the top style icons in ages with her skunk hair and cultivated wardrobe of haute couture. Spending her child hood partying with Salvador Dali in the '70's, going through an emotionally destructive marriage that lead to her historical collection of haute couture, and now known as a muse, stylist, perfumer, and director Daphne Guinness has made herself a landmark for inspiration characters in the fashion realm. Comparable to the likes of Isabella Blow, Bianca Jagger, Carine Roitfeld, and Patricia Fields. I have had Daphne Guinness as a icon of mine for the past 3 years now. Her interest in armor style jewelry and clothing, paired with her achingly beautiful stiletto's makes her an obsession of mine. A little secret of mine is that within the next 2 years I hope to have my hair successfully died in the same style as Daphne. Like a gorgeous/strikingly intense/scary/intimidating/mesmerizing skunk.

Daphne Guinness in attendance of the Alexander McQueen tribute

In makeup for her Nar's shoot

Wearing some of her own hand pieces

Debuting in Vogue Italia

Being a muse for Gareth Pugh

Vogue Italia: Fat for Fashion

I would kill for her ring collection!

Wearing one of Alexander McQueen's historical pieces

Guinness wearing her hair down on a rare chance. Still looks killer.
Guinness on the cover of the most recent Zoo Magazine