Color Exploration

Only 4 months into 2015 and I have already found my work changing immensely. After 5 years in Miami I fell in love with color to a point that it over saturated my work and I got lost in its vibrancy. Now that I have been in New York for a little over a year I have come to realize that color is interpreted very differently here and I've been learning how to find my voice within it. 

It all started with The Anatomy of Emotions where I began to strictly limit my composition to white backgrounds with strange objects placed in deliberate positions as a way to express certain emotions. From there I branched off into the nail art series, Behold the Hands where color found its place solely on finger nails and the surreal objects that coincided with them. For my most recent exploration of how to control color I wanted to create a series of still life's that reflected Dutch and Flemish still life paintings as well as the still life's that I was forced to painting in my Painting 101 classes back in art school. Color was introduced in the images by slicing a piece of fruit open and having that be the only source of color in the image. To juxtapose the antique delicacy of the images I made a video that showed a more humorous side to the project. 

Many more color exploration projects to come so be on the lookout this April for more silly short films.