Working multiple jobs means that most of my weekends are very long weekends but none quite top last weekend. Not only because I shot a location based editorial with a team of 6 on the Upper West Side but also because when we were doing said shoot the authorities apparently felt that we should not be in that location due to the fact that it was on operating train tracks. Thus they proceeded to hand cuff us, go through our bags, write us up for a court date and make me delete half of the BEST photos from the shoot. "I can't help it if all the best locations are illegal!" so I told the {insert not nice words} police officer.

Film Still by Louie Wray

Film Still by Louie Wray

After suffering through several days of feeling like my babies had been murdered (as an artist having to delete photos that make your soul bleed is surely the equivalent to feelings riled up when babies are murdered) I managed to save the editorial by grabbing some beyond magical images from film stills taken by a dear old friend from my Miami days, Louie Wray, who was beyond gracious enough to tag along and catch some stunning behind the scenes footage that you can see above in the BEAUTIFUL video above edited by the very talented Logan Wolf. 

Even though we didn't get to shoot everything that I had planned it was an out of this world experience to go on such a stealth (or lack there of) adventure to Freedom Tunnel and watch beautiful models throw beautiful colored pigments and glitter at each other as I got to document the whole thing. Yes it was risky, yes in a worst case scenario a crazy maniacal person high on drugs could have seriously injured all of us and yes we did end up getting arrested but in my opinion it was 1000% worth it if not for the images then at least for the experience. The rest of the team will have to speak for themselves as I'm not sure if they are as crazy as I am but I have a good feeling they must be since they stuck through the whole experience and never once complained. They are clearly great friends to have, I'm not sure if the same could be same for me.....

It feels so incredibly wonderful to have people in my life that are willing to do really stupid but really awesome things for the sake of art. I hope to only fill my life with more of you crazy weirdos and for those of you that are already here I am forever and eternally grateful for your insane amazing-ness and existing on this Earth, you have made me one very happy girl. This is definitely not the last colored powder/glitter/youth rebellion shoot you'll be seeing from me. Many more projects in the works so keep your eyes peeled and in the meantime bask in the glory that is Chromotherapy. 

Film still by Louie Wray

Film still by Louie Wray

Models: Maddie Hall & Colin Lewis

Videographer: Louie Wray

Director: Ashley Garner

Editor: Logan Wolf

Stylist: Taylor Zahn