The Anatomy of Emotions

For the past two months all of my time and energy has been going into a very special and highly art directed shoot that was for CREEM Magazine and I am soooooo happy to finally be able to share. Trust me when I say my friends are just as happy too as I'm sure I have exhausted their patience for my maniacal obsessive behavior working on the curated still life portion of this shoot. 

To give you a synopsis of how it all started it was really just with 4 little words: the anatomy of emotions. I'd seen it written in poems, magazines, fortune cookies, books, etchings, whatever it is you name it, and it has always struck me as odd. What would the anatomy of emotions look like? If I were to see passion on a table what would I see? So the journey began.

Late nights, numerous bottles of wine, far more cigarettes than anyone should ever consume and some other inspirational herbs and I narrowed it down to 6 words. From there another month was spent plotting with my partner in crime, Taylor Zhane, which items to lay on a table to represent the emotions physical anatomy. I focused on a clinical like set up to push the idea that these abstract still lives are representing the components that would be combined to create something that is essentially intangible. Then to give the whole concept a twist I accompanied each still life with a fashion perspective since by now you probably know I am all for dress and art being presented on the same platform. 

Despite a few kinks along the way (as there is in any photo shoot) my model Maddie Hall fucking killed it with her perfection in emoting and stylist Nandi K did the same by giving my still life's a wearable soul. The results are better than I could have ever imagined and I am so excited to continue this project in several different ways that must remain on the hush hush now for, well, hush hush reasons. In the meantime I hope this story makes you think, get inspired, question my sanity, push yours, but most of all I hope it makes you feel.