Elegant Idiosyncrasy

For those of you that have been following my blog for more than a few months at this point may know it better under the title Elegant Idiosyncrasy. Its been a few months now since I have officially moved the blog under this site and I never properly explained myself for my reasons of this sudden shift in domains (doesn't it sound so silly to say things like that sometimes). 

It all started in Miami where I greatly struggled in trying to understand who I was, what I did and how to explain that to other people in a way that didn't sound overwhelming and/or disorganized. In all honesty I found a lot of difficulty in my self-branding and many reasons were because of silly stigmas that I had about how I wanted to be perceived despite how these stigmas were actually inhibiting me from being perceived as anything seriously. 

I have been lucky enough to have met people who's advice on matter's like branding and marketing I highly respect. They have been kind enough to guide me in a ways that were strongly needed. For example I was reminded about the importance of how style is perceived in different context's.

It all started after a bit of a rebellious gesture on my end in the form of a hot pink sequin dress and green poker visor. Definitely on the eccentric side of things but not exactly elegant since I had paired them with my brown ankle worker boots. It was then mentioned that though eccentricity is fun and quirky and important in creating personal style you should also always remember to find an elegant thread in the quirkiness. 

It's funny because Elegant Idiosyncrasy has been so much a part of my life for so long that I had forgotten why I was originally drawn to it. In the recent months I have certainly been more on the eccentric side of things, especially with my nihilism to all black everything still in full swing. That said to have had that said to me felt like an epiphany; an evolution I'm ready to make in my style and the same goes for my website and blog.

As I move forward Elegant idiosyncrasy will be put on the back burner for now until the time is right again. The blog IS still up and running as you can see, just under my new self-titled site, Ashley G. Garner. 

So now you know. The air has been cleared and we can all move forward with life again. I think this is for the best and that we will be happier this way. A cleaner site, a more cohesive idea about who I am, what I do and how that is being expressed in a variety of mediums. Don't you love how I talk to you like we're in a relationship? Ok, now go make me a sandwich, just kidding! I use my kitchen to hold my clothes ;)